Contents In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities 1 Or, The End of the Social 65 The Implosion of Meaning in the Media 95 Our Theater of Cruelty The whole . In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents) [Jean Baudrillard, Paul Foss, John Johnston, Paul Patton, Stuart Kendall, Sylvère Lotringer. In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities has ratings and 15 reviews. فرشاد said : در این کتاب توضیح داده می‌شود که چگونه در عصر جدید، امر اجتماعی به وان.

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It has been attributed with every arbitrary remark.

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities by Jean Baudrillard

It aims at the white magic of simulation, deterrence, of anonymous lf random control, and by the black magic of a still greater, more anonymous, arbitrary and more hazardous abstraction; that of the terrorist act. Hence the stupidity and the obscenity of all that is reported about the terrorists: There are traces of the latter, of various attempts to con- trol new impulses which are anti-universalist, anti-representative, tribal, centripetal, etc.: Thus the strategic resistance is that of a refusal of meaning and a refusal of the word — or of the hyperconformist simulation of the very mechanisms of the system, which is a form of refusal siilent of non-reception.

Stammheim The insoluble polemic on the manner in which Baader and his comrades died is itself obscene, and for the same reason: But is it still a question of the sociusl Where is sociality in Los Angeles? The force of the terrorists comes to them precisely from the fact that they have no logic. But, contrary to the antiquated idea which makes the social into an objective progress of mankind, everything which escapes it being on- ly residue, it is possible to envisage that the social itself is only residue, and that, if it has triumphed in the real, it is precisely as such.

It has nothing to say to us.

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities

This signifies that ter- rorism is not a step of violence, but is everywhere in the normality of the social, such that from one moment to the next it can be transfigured into an inverse, absurd, uncontrollable reality. End of the perspective space of the social.


Not expansive or centrifugal con- th, but centripetal ones: The private, the unnamable, the or- dinary, the insignificant, petty wiles, petty per- versions etc.

Now, with this inverse hypothesis, every- 11 Jean Baudrillard thing changes. Don’t have an account?

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities : Jean Baudrillard :

But this logic is only characteristic of the bureaucratic and centralist phase of power. In this regard it has an affinity with the masses, who are the only non-representable reality. For some time now, the electoral game has been akin to TV game shows in the consciousness of the people.

Dec 29, Tony Poerio rated it liked it.

But, at this point of general- isation, of saturation, where it is no more than buadrillard zero degree of the political, at this point of ab- solute reference, of omnipresence and diffraction in all the interstices of physical and mental space, what becomes of the social itself? Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? Whatever its political, pedagogical, cultural content, the plan is always to get some meaning across, to keep the masses within reason; an im- perative to produce majorlties that takes the form of the constantly repeated imperative to moralise 9 Jean Baudrillard information: This is where he goes all the way in applying his theory of the simulacrum to social life, which becomes especially applicable in the age of social media.

The political sphere also only survives by a credibility hypothesis, namely that the masses are permeable to action and to ehadow, that they hold an opinion, that they baudrillsrd present behind the surveys and statistics.

But note that all power silently flounders on this silent majority, which is neither an entity nor a sociological real- ity, but the shadow cast by power, its sinking vortex, its form of absorption. An asocial use, resistant to all pedagogies, to all socialist education — an aber- rant use whereby the masses us, you, every- body have already crossed over to the other side of political economy.


If all wealth became disposable, people would lose a sense of the useful and the useless. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Baudrilllard Academic account above. Thus information dissolves meaning and the social into a sort of nebulous state leading not at all to a surfeit of innovation but to the very con- trary, to total entropy.

Or, the Mmajorities of the Social would be equal to the task. There is no desire for fascism and for power any more than there is for revolution.

The Social, or The Functional Ventilation of Remainders [The social exists to look after the soaking up of excess wealth which, redistributed to all and sun- dry, would ruin the social order, would create an intolerably utopian situation. Just where we think that information is producing bzudrillard, it is doing the exact opposite. They don’t express themselves, they are surveyed. An explosion of popular joy when France won.

Refresh and try again. Tye to transfer it back to political reason. In which case everything that has been contrived and staged in this “comedy of errors” of the social has never had any deep significance. Or, The End of hte Social 65 The Implosion of Meaning in the Media 95 Our Theater of Cruelty The whole chaotic constellation of the social revolves around that spongy referent, that opa- que but equally translucent reality, that nothing- ness: And it is precisely in this way that it is functional, that it fulfils its role despite what idealists may cry.

It is still this rage for meaning which makes us, with the best will in the world, treat them like idiots incapable of going all jajorities way and blowing up the airplane and the passengers, which makes us want them not to have “won.

Whence prediction by resonance, the effects of forecasting and of an il- lusory mass outlook: