The Check Point Security Administration Study Guide supplements knowledge you have gained from . the CCSA R70/71 Update Training Blade to update your . Hello Team, I would like to buy self study material for R CCSA/CCSE, Can i buy official guides from checkpoint? i dont want to attend full. What will be on the CCSA R80 () exam? there be an option to renew existing CCSE certifications, for customers R70 or higher, for.

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A few require “real world” knowledge. Whilst I finished with ample time about 40 minutes spare to review, the ambiguity of the questions left me with a sour taste.

That’s a weight off of my shoulders, but now it’s time to study for the CCSE. Any chance you can send me your training materi Most of the questions are in the courseware or in the online help for the SmartConsole apps.

What was your experience with this exam? Best regards Hector Mexico D. The “ambiguous” questions generally make a lot more sense in the context of the courseware lecture material and lab exercises. For some reason I failed a lot of questions in the Software-Blades-licensing part which really surprised me.

I will say that if you think you can peruse the CheckPoint book cover to cover once and be done, you will get demolished on the exam. Yes, today and passed.

Has anyone here taken the R70 CCSA exam? [Archive] – CPUG: The Check Point User Group

I learned CCSA-R65 is easier to crack but decided to go for R70 for 2 reasons- 1-Get ready with Checkpoint’s guise revolutionary technology they call blade architecture.

Oh and those training materials. That said, the kind of “day to day” knowledge is not what they are looking for on the test.


Even though I work on a production Checkpoint network, I need to install the trial-ware on VMs to test many of the options we don’t use here at work, which of course I have no experience with. The quality of the questions in the R71 test should be improved over previous versions. I was one of the first to purchase Boson and I am now very glad I did so. You need to know all the specifics on each, like which use cases require proxy arp configuration or static routes.

BTW, due to the increased number of questions I found it much harder then previous exams and could assume that especially non-native speakers could get in time ccda. If you want TestKing or Boson materials, I will refer you to their websites where they can be had for a very reasonable price.

All CheckPoint Certifications in

It is not an easy exam, but it isn’t the horror story I’ve heard from some people. This is by design. It’s not enough to know just the three types, you have to know when to use them, the differences, how many authentication types each has, what options are in the dialog boxes, etc.

I studied Courseware materials and read it two times. I am even willing to buy from you the guides and alike for proper price: Pretty even coverage of the various topics, no areas that were hit especially hard from what I remember.

Well, that was not true as countdown started at Almost all of the questions on the R70 exams are new due to the proliferation of dumps for the R65 version of the fuide. Anyone buy the Boson Dumps and are they any good? Do you suggest any other supporting material as well? The questions were quite good and I learned a lot going into the test.


Well done for the pass!

How did you find the time constraints? Thanks Other than the practice CBT’s publicly available at Check Point’s web site there really isn’t anything else out there other than the official courseware and the occasional CPUG posting from someone who just took the exam. Also is useful pass4sure Thanks Ender for the info, you’ve answered a lot of the questions I have been wondering about.

I complained again and adviced other people with the same experience to do the same.


I also obtained the Pass4Sure R65 I can not find anythink Internet if you have a dumps can you share it please. You have to know the nitty-gritty details. From my experience I would say that they put out most of the questions without a single correct answer.

I heard they have questions. Has anyone got any recommended study material aside from working with R70 kit directly? Please guide me folks. About the Boson, it was actually pretty good after a lot of prodding for misleading and wrong answers, but almost nothing in it was on the actual test.

Can anyone send ccsa R70 Practice a lot as you can as the exam is really difficult. I will try to study “The Mighty R70 documentation” from checkpoint.

Just passed CCSA a couple of days ago. Moving on r770 CCSE now. Did you have a lot of previous experience with Check Point products prior to studying for the exam?