ANSI/ESD S – Hard Copy. ESD Association Standard for the Protection of Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items – Packaging Materials. ANSI/ESD S Packaging Materials for ESD Sensitive Items. Posts about ANSI/ESD S written by Desco. Antistatic is the ESD control property properly referred to as “low charging”. This is an important property for all.

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Resistance is no longer the only property that is used to classify ESD packaging. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Provides an electrical path for charge to dissipate from the package.

The interpretation of standards in-so-far as it may relate to a specific product or manufacturer is a proper matter for the individual company concerned and cannot be undertaken by any person acting for the ESDA. We offer a complete line of ESD Packaging products for transporting, storing and shipping of static sensitive assemblies. In addition to these requirements, there are further questions that need to be asked: Care should be exercised to neutralize charge on devices prior to shunting to avoid charged device model CDM damage.

Disposable or one-time only packaging? A class of chemicals called antistats is frequently used to make packaging low charging. Example of EPA Configurations 6.

When the device contacts an object with a different potential, like a grounded hand removing the device from a package, an electrostatic discharge occurs. ESD packaging that offers s514 protective properties is usually used in conjunction with shunting devices. A surface conductive material shall have a surface resistance of less than 1. See Annex B for more information.


EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

We also have custom manufacturing capabilities to your meet your special needs, including Thermoforming requirements. See Annex B for device damage information. The carrier tape is wound on a reel similar to andi picture film.

A defined location with the necessary materials, tools and equipment capable of controlling static electricity to a level that minimizes damage to ESD susceptible items.

Conductive bags are extruded plastic combined with conductive materials and exhibit the same properties on both surfaces. Where this standard does not provide a test method, the user must determine the electrostatic discharge shielding properties of the packaging.


Protects packaged items from the effects of static discharge that are external to the package. Where the package exterior is isolated from the package interior and therefore the device, it is possible for charge on the package to discharge to the device wsd it is removed from the package. But where do you start? Create a free website or blog at WordPress. By placing a conductive shunt across device leads or card connectors, the various parts of the item share the same electrical potential.

They may also provide essd tools, like voltage retention, or voltage decay, to better examine complete package configurations. They are typically rendered ESD-protective with antistat, carbon, or hygroscopic material. A Moisture Barrier Bag — click here for more information Determine the type of packaging system that is best suited for the intended application The first step is to choose low charging or static dissipative materials when in contact with ESD sensitive devices.



Packaging » EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

Protection Property Low charging antistatic Materials that have reduced amounts of charge accumulation as compared with standard packaging materials. The packaging generally retains physical and environmental protective qualities. This includes packaging such as bags, boxes paperboard and plasticsemi-rigid plastic trays, cushion wrap, foam, loose fill, tape, trays, tubes, tape and reel, shrink-wrap, and stretch-wrap. Dissipative or Conductive Resistance.

Tribocharging of tubes, planar materials, bags, unit packs vibration. Air Force Steve Fowler U.

DescoEurope – ESD Standards

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here For the same reason, a car may be a safe place to be in a thunderstorm. Determine the distribution environment for the packaged product Knowing the environment in which the product is shipped and how it will be handled is extremely important. By adding a conductive layer to the low charging polyethylene bag, an ESD shielding bag is created.

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Electrostatic discharge from a charged device. This site uses cookies.

Other constructions are used for bags. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Some companies choose znsi expensive packaging for less valuable parts.