The XPROB is part of Manfrotto’s X family, designed for general-purpose use indoors and out. There are no fewer than 12 models in the. Find great deals for Manfrotto XPROB Tripod. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Manfrotto XPROB Tripod Legs Kit includes a RC4 Midi Ball Head with PL QR Plate. This plate allows you to easily remove or replace your.

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Its super tough and will hold anything I throw at it. Trending Price New. The bigger versions of the tripods may have been more stable than the smaller ones, but given an average load, the difference was actually very small.

It is very sturdy and stable; I find I can even lean on it a bit when it’s close to the ground and it doesn’t wobble. A brief history of Manfrotto Today Manfrotto is one of the best-known and respected names in tripods, but how did it all begin, and why do some people know the products under the Bogen brand? The XPROB provides speedy set-up coupled with added security with quick action, lever-type leg locks. This plate allows you to easily remove or replace your equipment from or to the ball head.

Certainly if you demand maximum stability but always find yourself having to extend the centre column to reach a comfortable operating height, then a larger tripod will bring a significant benefit.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The reason we mention this though is because the alternative CXPRO3 version built from carbon fiber looks and feels quite different. Alternatively get yourself a copy of my In Camera book or treat me to a coffee!

You may also like. The carbon fiber models are also available with three or four leg sections, the latter folding-down to a shorter length for transportation, but at the cost of slightly heavier weight, greater flex and slower setting-up; look for the numbers 3 or 4 at the end of the model name to indicate the numbers of leg sections.

Rent Manfrotto XPROB Tripod Tripod Legs Canada

It is kanfrotto for use with 35mm and light medium-format photographic cameras, and digital or conventional type video camcorders. Unfortunately the button at the bottom of the column prevents the fitting of a hook to hang weights for extra stability. With the legs fully extended and set to their normal operating angle, the head plate is positioned manfrtoto from the ground. Next up we tried the carbon fiber models, starting with the smaller CXPRO3 with its centre 055xprkb down.

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This tripod weighs a bit being it can get 6ft tall if not more but does it very sturdy! Brisbane Store Adelaide St. Cannington Store 12 Cecil Ave. It is on the heavy side but this is one of the reasons I bought this one.

So far I’m please with the product. The range also obviously has more room for growth — if not in height, then in camera system weight. The tips of each leg are fitted with standard rubber feet, although optional spiked, suction or wide-diameter snow feet are available.

Photo kit with 804RC2 Head, 055XPROB Tripod

But before you sign-up for a four-legged tripod, there are a number of compromises to manfrotyo aware of. Manfrotto found much of the studio equipment of the day cumbersome and neglected to include basic stands and clamps. Categories Drones Gimbals Drone Accessories. Majfrotto extending the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung over to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself.

This time the vibrations dissipated in an average of just 1. Most importantly the more sections, the less rigid and stable the entire tripod will be. This was repeated five times for each tripod configuration and the average time calculated to nanfrotto variations in the taps. One of the most revealing tests for a tripod is how quickly it can dampen vibrations. Description Accessories Specs What’s in the box?

With the column raised, the vibrations took 6. So while the total load itself was a fairly modest 1. With the wing-nut loosened, the oval section may rattle a little disconcertingly, but once tightened it feels rock-solid and we never experienced any issues with slippage while testing. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. The bottom line is there may be a number of compelling reasons to choose the range over thebut few should honestly reject the latter for inadequate load handling alone.


Given a typical head weighs between 0. We chose the Manfrotto HDV head pictured opposite for our vibration tests, which uses a fork to support the camera plate on both sides rather than just one side on a traditional three-way model. In this leg configuration, the central column needs to be raised to its maximum height, or more sensibly switched to the horizontal orientation see below to clear the ground, although you can also replace it for an optional shorter column if desired.

The quick release plate took a little getting used to because you have to release two levers at the same time to avoid having the camera come off by accident but after a few tries I’m able to put the camera on and off easily. Anyone who shoots in cold conditions will know an aluminium tripod can become uncomfortable to carry and sticky to touch; indeed under extreme conditions you should avoid touching the metal surfaces at all with bare hands.

And the difference between vibration dissipation on carbon fiber and aluminium models may be a lot more than you thought. It also features improved ergonomic design plus a counter spring system to compensate for off-center loads. It can then be pushed back through the oval section and locked as before using the wing-nut.


505xprobManfrotto met Gilberto Battocchio, a mechanical engineer who helped him render his ideas and requirements into actual products, and inthe first commercial Manfrotto tripod was launched. When shopping for and tripods, you may also find other variations or those sold under the Bogen brand, but these are generally older models.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Alex from Super tough and sturdy I have had this tripod and head for around a year it never fails me. Show less Show more.

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