How does Krell KAV XI compare to KAV i. I have the option of a used i or a new XI.I thought the i was not very good but t Jul 06, Krell KAVi for sale. I took this in trade from A client. He States that he has had it Refurbished two years previous including new capacitors. Find great deals for Krell KAVi 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The amplifier that puts out Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and Wpc into 4 Ohms.

That said, it is my opinion that although the precision of focus offered by the Krell was commendable, there are amplifiers out there that are even more precise in their image specificity. Add to this the convenience of remote control and you end up with a very attractive product. Moreover, the individual instruments and performers were rendered cleanly and distinctly. Keep in mind however that this trait can be either exacerbated or eliminated by choices in your ancillary gear and wiring.

These kinds of levels did cause the Krell to emit quite a bit of heat from the top of its vented cover, so please allow for adequate ventilation when installing this unit in your system. So I guess the question is: However rather than spilling the beans here and now, I prefer to leave a trail for “those-who-dare,” to follow Ascending the frequency spectrum, the KAVi seems competent enough, displaying smooth detailed sound with no gross deviations, though it does have a “personality” all its own.


This was evident on both electric and acoustic bass and on all manner of drums.

Used Krell KAVi Integrated amplifiers for Sale |

It boasts solid construction and sedate contemporary styling. The massed vocal fortissimo was krelp and less dimensional than it could have been. The main area that stood out for me was a slight treble emphasis, which appeared to foreshorten the sense of soundstage depth and to accentuate very slightly, the upper registers of brass instruments and the human voice.

Here we have a handsome high-power amplifier that offers a full array of control facilities, including infrared remote control. Though the Krell offers very impressive bass performance, at times I thought that the lower midrange was mildly reticent.

This detracted a little from the overall transparency and the harmonic integrity of the presentation. In addition to the 5-way binding posts for the speakers, there is a pair of tape output jacks and kag set of single-ended preamp outputs.

It is generally held that separate preamps and power amps especially those with separate power supplies offer performance advantages over their integrated single-chassis counterparts. It played 500u inefficient ET LFT-8a speakers at louder levels than I could comfortably tolerate, with no sign of strain or loss of composure.

Essentially, this provides a bypass loop, to work in conjunction kdell a surround sound processor.

Krell KAV-500i Integrated Amplifiers

krlel This will assure copious dynamic headroom for compressionless reproduction of any type of source material in most installations. It combines a high-quality full-function preamp with a good-sounding brute of an amplifier, on a single chassis. Accordingly it is always best to arrange for a home audition with this or any prospective new equipment whenever possible.


But an increasing number of high-end companies are offering integrated stereo amplifiers, though not many of them can boast the high-power output available in the Krell KAVi. Nevertheless, they sounded great–right up to the point where they began to buzz. While this worked to enhance detail and lyric comprehension, it skewed the timbre slightly.

Looking at my own stereo system, a bi-amped system, with separate amps, line-stage preamp, phono preamp, separate DAC and transport, a few power supplies, power-line filters and a ridiculous maze of cabling to hook it all together, I can appreciate the single-box approach.

As I observed, the KAVi does exhibit personality traits that will make it a more synergistic match for some systems than for others.

For protection, there is a line fuse as well as left and right speaker fuses. If you have a system that tends toward brightness, this 5000i may not be your cup of tea. Proprietary Krell output and driver transistors are supported by krel, 2-kVA-power supply, with a toroidal transformer.

Fortunately, this slight treble emphasis was not accompanied by any hardness or edge, which made it much more palatable and forgivable. The preamp outputs are convenient in that they can be used to control the level of powered subwoofers, or to run a second stereo power amp for bi-amplified speaker systems. An IEC connector is located on the rear panel for use with detachable power cords.

First off, let me say that this is a very powerful amplifier.