In The Humane Interface, Jef Raskin — the legendary, controversial creator of the original Apple Macintosh project — shows that there is another path. Raskin. Humane Interface, The: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems. by Jef Raskin. Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional. Release Date: March Raskin, however, demonstrates that many current interface paradigms are dead the experience and vision of Jef Raskin, the creator of the Apple Macintosh.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. In short, I really enjoyed this book. Design commands rather than applications.

The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems

Aug humnae, Isscandar rated it really liked it Shelves: Best Selling in Textbooks, Education See all. A noun-verb paradigm has only one attention switch from the noun to the verb, then you are done. Raskin, however, demonstrates that many current interface paradigms are dead ends, and that to make computers significantly easier to use requires new approaches.

Do you ever get the impression that the person who designed a piece of software must have come from the same company that designed the front panel on your VCR? Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Following are the main points that Raskin made: Fitts and Hick’s laws. Dick Karpinski dick cfcl. Multiple options to do the same task inhibit habit formation.


Most of the examples of bad user interfaces come from either Microsoft Windows, or a very old version of Microsoft Word running on a Mac. Jun 14, Shiri rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was fairly good, especially for historical reasons.

Humane Interface, The: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems [Book]

Okay, that ranting felt good. The book is peppered with interesting anecdotes explaining what’s wrong with current systems and what a truly humane system would look like. Definitely recommended for anyone designing user interfaces. The rest of the book leaves one with mixed feelings. By this definition, unsurprisingly, the modes in vim are mostly okay. He intfrface how to effect desperately needed rskin, offering a wealth of innovative and specific interface ideas for software designers, developers, and product managers.

In other words an interface is radkin deemed intuitive if it is similar to interfaces encountered previously, and thus habituated. This is to prevent the problem of a new selection clobbering the original one. However, the topics covered were kind of hit-and-miss for me in terms of my interest. This unique guide to interactive system design reflects the experience and vision of Jef Raskin, the creator of the Apple Macintosh.

Though many of his recommendations are radical, several of his ideas have appeared posthumously in new products from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others.


He has a notable example on page 11 regarding knowledge that you know but are not conscious of. I’m sure we all agree that the current Windows interface is far from ideal or humane, confusing untold millions and making work more difficult than necessary.

Pages with related products. The PalmPilot is on instantly, as is your cell phone. If you don’t want to keep it, please send it to me or give it jdf someone who ought to read it. He believes that all programs should start off a fully developed natural language comments as to how the software will complete its work.

Definition of a Humane Interface. If you like, contributions to this writer or to the author to support such acts are not turned away. You wouldn’t believe the rapidity with which untrained executives can become fully trained and competent with a huge hospital information system, so I won’t say.

Quotes from The Humane Interf The Essentials of Interaction Design.