YASKAWA AC Drive-J Type: CIMR-JU. Compact V/f Control Drive. Models: V Class, Three-Phase Input: to kW. V Class, Single-Phase. YASKAWA AC Inverter Series J Document Download. The J meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful.

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Using the braking resistor more frequently than its rating trips the alarm even when the braking resistor surface is not very hot. Page 43 Improper wiring connections could cause the braking resistor to overheat and cause yaskxwa or serious injury by fire.

Page 36 Stop relay N. To restart the Fast-Stop input must be released and Run must be cycled. Disabled Disables the braking resistor protection. Values shown here are for V class drives. Parameter H sets the level of the selected input value that is equal to 0 V input at terminal A1.

The drive standard ratings are valid for an installation altitude up to m.

Never connect or disconnect the motor from the drive while the drive is outputting voltage. Number j10000 Cooling Fans Installing Fuses on the Input Side Do not loop the ground wire. Yaskawa recommends checking the maintenance period regularly to ensure maximum performance life. Standing for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, this directive prohibits electronic equipment sold in Europe from containing specific hazardous substances such as lead.


Page 34 Failure to comply could result in damage to the drive and will void warranty. To reset a fault, first remove the Run command.

YASKAWA J1000 Technical Manual

Bit 1 will start and stop the drive in reverse. Fluid Applications The Setup Mode saves valuable installation time by providing just the essential parameters needed to get the application running immediately. Verifying And Backing Up Parameter Settings Copy Function Optional Parameter settings can be copied to another drive to simplify parameter restoration or multiple drive setup.

Frequency Reference Selection on page 79 Refer to b Please I kindly request for the manual of the drive yaskawa j A time saver when wiring has accidentally been reversed. Set terminal S5 to its original function. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Motor Performance Fine Tuning This section offers helpful information for counteracting oscillation, hunting, or other faults that occur while performing a trial run. Page 58 Failure to comply could result in damage to the drive and will void warranty.

Check the machine operation and verify parameter settings. If C is less than or equal to 6, yaskaws drive operates at Correct the parameter settings. The following equipment is especially applicable.

Yaskawa J User Manual | 10 pages | Also for: V

Engineering tool DriveWizard Plus automatically converts parameter settings from the earlier VS mini J7 to match Not only useful for model upgrades and transitions, but also a time-saving feature Failure to comply may result in ESD damage to the drive circuitry.


For a list of digital input selections, Refer to Parameter List yaaskawa page Acceleration continues when the current falls below L Page 7 Installing Fuses on the Input Side Parameter List This appendix contains a full listing of all parameters and settings available in the drive. The inputs operate as shown in the table below. Open the catalog to page 6.

Ensure the end user. Makes for a safe check of capacitors or the fan during the maintenance period via the monitor. Reference 1 instead of d Failure to comply could result in death or serious injury. Our product adopts the Swing PWM method that suppresses yqskawa electromagnetic noise to eliminate harsh noise.

Controls Up To Axes? Refer to option unit manual for option unit installation instructions. Furthermore, the internal braking transistor provides more powerful braking capabilities only by adding a braking resistor. Functions at Start and Stop Perfect for applications with high load inertia that rarely need haskawa be stopped. A is for entering the password when the drive is locked.

Various environmentally tolerant products are available to protect the AC Drive against humidity, dust, oil mist, and vibration.