RFC INTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL – VERSION 4rev1, March Canonical URL: ; File formats . [RFC ] IMAP/POP AUTHorize Extension for Simple [RFC ] INTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL – VERSION 4rev1. RFC List. RFC. Problem Solved. Plan for new Protocol. RFC Internet Message Access Protocol – Version 4. Replaced by See

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dfc No copies of the original interim protocol specification or its software exist. Was there really a point? The POP protocol requires the currently connected client to be the only client connected to the mailbox. These clients need a mechanism to synchronize state changes for messages within the mailbox. Would love to make this more general – sort by a somewhat arbitrary function on the message.

This document is a revision of RFC Expand scope to include other objects annotations, keywords, num-folders, etc consistently. The IMAP4 protocol allows clients to retrieve any of the individual MIME imsp separately and also to retrieve portions of either individual parts or the entire message.

Expand scope considerably – IDLE is insufficient for many users, because it only monitors one mailbox. Unlike some proprietary protocols which combine sending and retrieval operations, sending a message and saving a copy in a server-side folder with a base-level IMAP client requires transmitting the message 35011 twice, once to SMTP for delivery and a second time to IMAP to store in a sent mail folder.

But this one has a problem, it doesn’t let you sort across folders, which makes it only half the solution. It is possible to store data on a per-mailbox basis or on the server as a whole.

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Not using sequence numbers would render many of these moot. Ideally, part of a more general “compose commands” – but the 35001 to store a search result for later manipulation will be needed. Yet another axis of data – need to merge with keywords and regularise.

Internet Message Access Protocol

Folder listing is one of the major pain points for client authors. For the antipsychotic, see Fluspirilene. Fix insufficient information being returned from commands to synchronise state.

Moreover, single parts of emails may be annotated, rfcc. This memo has been defined to provide the definition of a common imwp for openly exchanging calendaring and scheduling information across the Internet. Avoid having such a complex ABNF – use a structured substrate of some sort. Has some best-practices how well-behaving IMAP servers should behave.


RFC List Every RFC is the work of someone who felt enough pain from the lack of something that they would make the effort to write the document. Current group scheduling and Personal Information Management PIM products are being extended for use across the Internet, today, in proprietary ways.

An example of such an application is use of an IMAP mailbox as a message queue with multiple dequeueing clients. Through the use of flags defined in the IMAP4 protocol, clients can keep track of message state: Make it easy to not only get status data, but to get a list of which folders have changed since last request.


The hard bit will be extra things like metadata, condstore, which it doesn’t seem to consider – so it’s incomplete. This specification does not define a generative grammar for URIs; that task is performed by the individual specifications of each URI scheme. The URI syntax defines a grammar that is a superset of all valid URIs, allowing an implementation to parse the common components of a URI reference without knowing the scheme-specific requirements of every possible identifier.

Specify shared vs private “same keyword”, e. It defines several new access control rights and clarifies which rights are required for different IMAP commands.

evolution-kolab – RFC Reference

The Conditional Store facility provides rrc protected update mechanism for message state information that can detect and resolve conflicts between multiple writing mail clients. Will need an Access Control mechanism.

However, a few extensions require the server to know whether a client supports that extension. Less necessary with higher resources available today.

commands – GoDoc

ijap Reflecting the experience of earlier Internet protocols, IMAP4 defines an explicit mechanism by which it may be extended. E-mail clients using IMAP generally leave messages on the server until the user explicitly deletes them.

System flags indicate state information such as whether a message has been read.