The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writings of the Saints . Glories of Mary [Saint Alphonsus Liguori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Glories of Mary by Catholic Book Publishing is an edition of . The Glories of Mary is a classic book in the field of Roman Catholic Mariology, written during the 18th century by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church.

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Now I am deprived of my father, widowed of my spouse, a desolate, childless Mother; having lost my only Son, I have lost all. In the second place, Mary, in all her other sorrows, well understood their cause the redemption of the world, the Divine will; but in this she knew not the cause of the absence of her Son. But, O God, liugori love increased in her, so much the more did her grief increase at the thought of having to lose Him by so cruel a death; and the nearer the time of the Alphonsue of her Son approached, so much the deeper did that sword of sorrow, foretold by Saint Simeon, pierce the heart of His Mother.

Mary is our life, because she obtains for us the pardon of our sins SECT. There came out blood and water; for only those few drops of blood remained, and even those our Saviour was pleased to shed, that we might understand that He had no more blood to give us.

Erasmus, speaking of alphonsys in general, says, that “they are more ov tormented by their children’s sufferings than by their own.

The executioners left Him; but not so Mary. Part I Chapter V Section 2. Abraham suffered much during the three days he passed with his beloved Isaac, after knowing that he was to lose him.

An appendix is devoted to defending the role of Mary as mediatrix of all graces. Saint Bonaventure, contemplating Mary on that night, says: Wikipedia Book – The Glorjes of Mary.

If you wish to please me, this is what I ask of you; behold me, and see if there ever has been in the world a grief like mine, in seeing Him who was all my love torn from me with such cruelty.

~The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori (Online) & other Titles on the B.V.M.~

But let us return to Mary. Then one supported the upper part of the body of Jesus, and the other the lower, and thus descended it from the cross. Father Engelgrave says, that it was revealed to the same Saint Bridget, that the afflicted Mother, already knowing what her Son was to suffer, “when suckling Him, thought of the gall and vinegar; when swathing Him, of the cords with which He was to be hound, when bearing Him in her arms, of the cross to which He was to be nailed; when sleeping, of His death.


When Margaret, the daughter of Sir Thomas More, met her father on his way to death, she could only exclaim, “O father! O most sacred Virgin, after thou hast given thy Son to the world, with so great love, for our salvation, behold the world now restores Him to thee; but, O God, in what state dost thou receive Him?

She looked at Him, and hardly recognised Him, saying, with Isaias, “and we have seen Him, and there was no sightliness. Mary, at the sight of her Son, on His way to Calvary, did not faint, no, for it was not becoming, as Father Suarez remarks, that this Mother should lose the use of her reason; nor did she die, for God reserved her for greater grief: Our life, our sweetness! He conceals the trials which await us, that, whatever they may be, we may endure them but once.

The afflicted Mother, fearing that other injuries might still be inflicted on her Son, entreated Joseph of Arimathea to obtain the body of her Jesus from Pilate, that at least in death she might guard and protect it from further outrage.

Why fearest thou so much? This they did with gentle and respectful violence, and having embalmed it, they wrapped it in a linen cloth which was already prepared.

The Glories of Mary

In goories in mire. Now thou hast lost Him, who can ever tell thy grief? On this day thou wilt be wounded by another sword of sorrow, a cruel lance will pierce the side of thy Son already dead, and thou hast to receive Him in thine arms after He is taken down from the cross. The Blessed Virgin herself revealed to Saint Bridget, that, while on earth, there was not an hour in which this grief did not pierce her soul: She then drew nearer to the cross, to be present at His death: The Blessed Virgin revealed to Saint Bridget, that when the time of the Passion of alpbonsus Lord was approaching, her eyes were always filled with tears, as she thought of her beloved Son, whom she was about to lose on earth, and that the prospect of that approaching ,iguori caused her to be seized with fear, and a cold sweat to cover her whole body.

Job was not unhappy when he lost all that he possessed on earth; riches, children, health, and honours, and even descended from a throne to a dunghill; but because he had God with him, ho was even then happy. Thus did Mary speak and complain of us.


Jesus was then taken down from the cross. Contradicted and persecuted, in fine, alphonnsus His body and in His life; for He was tortured in all His sacred members, in His hands, His feet, His face, His head, and in His whole body; so that, drained of His blood, and an object of scorn, He died of torments on an ignominious cross. Example Father Roviglione, of the Society of Jesus, relates, that a young man had the devotion of every day visiting a statue of our Liguodi of Sorrows, in which she was represented with seven swords piercing her heart.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Death came, and the devil then tormented him more than ever with scruples, and tempted him to despair. Was not a crucified God sufficient to redeem us, that thou, Mafy Mother, wouldst also go to be crucified with Him?

Thus weeping, thou mayest have the happy lot of him of whom we read in the following example. In the Annual Letters of the Society of Jesus, it is related that in India a young man was leaving his room with the intention of committing a sin, when he heard a voice saying: Bernard, she addressed her Son in the words of the spouse in the Canticles: Therefore Blessed Amadeus rightly affirms, that “the afflicted Mother, at the sorrowful sight of the torments liguoori her beloved Jesus, suffered far more than she would have done had she herself endured His whole Passion.

My afflicted Ligkori, I will not leave thee alone to weep; no, I will accompany thee with my tears.

Taken from “The Glories of Mary”

My daughter, pray for them, that they may be converted. This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat Therefore time, which usually mitigates the sorrows of the afflicted, did not relieve Mary; nay, even it increased her sorrow; for, as Jesus, on the one hand, advanced in age, and always appeared more and more beautiful and liguuori so also, on the other hand, the time of His death always drew nearer, and grief always increased in the heart of Mary, at the thought of having to lose Him on earth.

Ah, my most sweet Mother, obtain me tears to weep over such ingratitude. Key Marian feast days. But this is not enough; I wish to love my Lord; and how can better obtain me this love than thou, who art the Mother of fair love?