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Even if the consciousness is awake, it can be fooled. The challenge is staggering. Inthey transformed laanctot study to focus on the viruses which provoked a drop in the immune mechanism.

Conscientious doctors panctot do take the time, be it half-an-hour to an hour per patient, are barely able to cover their operating costs. In fertility clinics we produce, by artificial insemination, triplets and quadruplets, and a good quantity of embryos are being stock-piled.

Full text of “The Medical Mafia”

Such a cause gives such an effect. Rather, the individual needs to be listened to, advised, and reassured. It was not until the 13th century that the Church accepted that medicine be practiced. Families, whole villages, have disappeared. They will give us the answer on a silver platter. What is this term which causes us to accept so much suffering? Yet in all reality, it is very rare that one really needs very elaborate tests.


Only we have the capability of choosing. It is important to note that one must take the decision to turn the switch ON in order for ghislaije electricity to pass.

Géminis Papeles de Salud – The Medical Mafia, a book by Ghislaine Lanctôt, M.D.,

Financiers are coming to the rescue, the same people who have conceived, put in place and then killed panctot health system. Whether you are 9 or 99, understanding your health and governing it in your own way is not a question of age. With our support and encouragement. Eduardo Ramirez rated it did not like it Jul 07, Whole families are drugged; the father on Viagra, the mother on Prozac, and the children on Ritalin. This is true for the United States, as it is for Canada, France or, for that matter, all countries whatever their health system may be.

Medicall, however, that it is the minority of the population that absorbs these costs. The systems of different countries differ only in their appearance. Had the doctor lied? It is the way to transform the present medical system. This interdependence follows a natural order. He is the principle of all healing.

The Medical Mafia

Why don’t the authorities realize this? Every woman who was not married and who displayed an unusual characteristic or a particular feature or trait, – and that even included having red hair – could be accused of witchcraft.

Their accomplices are the powerful “expert” doctors who enjoy such privileges as power, money and prestige. The other advantage of defining health along the scale of a “health-thermometer” is that it permits a continual improvement.


But rather I will relate to you what I have seen, read, understood, actually experienced, and concluded.

There are some that I have read from cover to cover. In French, they are called sage-femmes, the word sage meaning wise.

Wolf Szmuness directed the anti-hepatitis B experiments undertaken in New York. The list of illnesses is long in an immune-depressed population.

We endure our lot in life and we do so without complaining. The schools had to take the new scientific orientation imposed by the latter and its financial backers, or they would be made to close their doors. And we are powerless to stop them. If there is something they don’t know, it is because msdical does not exist. I am happy only to inform you of their existence.

I had a direct account of one of these kids. Yet one cannot approach the subject of the health of a human being without first posing these questions.

The health of the system, or of our organism, depends upon the efficiency of the orchestra conductor: In addition, scientific medicine denies the very essence of a human being, the spirit.