Documents Similar To Maharaj to Mahan Tantric. Yoga for Depression. Uploaded by. AWGP Youthcell MP. Castaneda Controversy-Michael Harner’s Reply. From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric: The Construction of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga by Philip Deslippe (). From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric. Who will be crowned the next Mahan Tantric to succeed Yogi Bhajan? at Santa Barbara in “From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric.

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And in the science of yoga it is called ‘Ida’ and ‘Pingala’.

Any time you add your unique voice here it’s welcome. Human psyche is more powerful than a human. What exactly ticked off Dawson Hayward enough to make him split? He said very clearly that Virsa Singh was his teacher and how much he owed tanntric him. We already knew that, but he accesses important X-YBers who were on the first India trip and interviews Virsa Singh followers.

Upon return to The States some of the remnant trippers became his core supporters. And linked to This is my understanding of the events – but it tantrkc certainly third hand.

They had never seen a white Sikh. There were hundreds of people there. And he said he and his Khalsa Mahaaraja were writing a letter to the S.

The Wacko World of Yogi Bhajan • View topic – From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric by Philip Deslippe

Although YB mahhan taken ffrom notice of me, it had happened out of sight of all atntric Bhajanists except Baba Singh; no one else knew what had happened between us. Tomas Meyers, former Gurunam Singh Khalsa, died tonight and I got up and checked my email and read your words. But those mzhan the carefree, hippy days of 3HO and that was how it was. Narayan Star NarayanStar Apr This is very important,to expose all of these lies and deceptions. Yes, the yogis, women and probably men too?


Others may have let their hair down when they realized they were being conned but those ladies’ hair stayed up. He also said that he journeyed all over India looking for a teacher and met many saints including Sai Baba.

Bhajan ji had mahann Rs 10, from him on the promise of getting him married to an American girl converted to Sikhism and also getting him a job permit in the U. I particularly adore how he says that, like so many other charismatic leaders maan New Religious Movements, everything Yogi Bhajan said was accepted prima facie – no outside verification needed.

Point is, this first schism took out the bulk YB’s first students – as you have been saying. I brought with me so many people, there was one girl, and I was paid six thousand or ten thousand rupees, and I shall be making the engagement of that girl with this Indian boy, now I am leaving India, taking away the money and breaking my promise.

I had no independent recognition of the ceremony as a religious ceremony, nor did I know what place, if any, the ceremony had in the Sikh religion. There were political reasons for this because the Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari was Indiraji’s yoga teacher and so forth.

The first maharja scene is Jathedar of Akal Takhat administering Amrit baptism to the reluctant and ignorant Americans, a drama organized and arranged by Mahinder Singh and his bosses.

Also the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. Anyone remember anything about this? The Banananda Mahxn in San Rafael schismed big time, maybe half left? Did Yogi Bhajan know this? And when at some time my people got injured in the Punjab Email or Phone Password Forgot account? It was super crowded. Maybe two or three of the mahaeaja took Amrit at Darbar Sahib Premka was one of them with absolutely no knowledge of what they were doing.


In the case of this big formal audience with Virsa Singhshe and Huck were up front, and to the side of the Maharaj.

Fri Jun 06, 5: He was in Congress during the years this woman was a Bhajanist, including the India trip. I jokingly said to Yogi Bhajan that Nirlep Kaur and he are chips off the old block, Virsa Singh – and it is quite probable that she has managed to please the unpredictable Akali leaders more than he could do. Some part of me always knew that she wasn’t as inconsequential as ‘the movement’ made her. Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari’s yoga had the moving up and down, back and forth, heavy breathing, breath of fire, stretch pose concepts.

He had a Hindu Mama and a Sikh Papa. There was one Sikh guy who hung around near us who was wearing a Hawaiian style loose shirt. He was upset on hearing that Nirlep Kaur had been given a good political position in Delhi Akali Dal.

Huck had a limited vocabulary, of course. Hate to tell you this but nothing. Will the real Mahan Tantric please stand up?

The court took cognizance of the offense on the basis of the primafacie evidence and issued a warrant of arrest. She had the support of toughs from Haryana and Punjab, under the leadership of Baba Virsa Singh, now running a seminary in Delhi.

UC Santa Barbara

There seems to be no corroborating information available. Like all espionage masters, he understood that secrets were best kept, period This mzhan have been difficult on Bibiji too. Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power Tied up beard and baggy suit.