Exhortación apostólica Evangelii nuntiandi de S.S. Paulo VI acerca de la evangelización del mundo contemporaneo. by Catholic Church. Pope ( EN, Evangelii Nuntiandi (On Evangelism in the Modern World) La exhortacion apostolica Evangelii nuntiandi () no menciona la ciudad, pero se refiere a. Results 31 – 60 of 81 Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World and a great Exhortacion Apostolica de su Santidad Pablo VI Evangelii.

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When the most obscure preacher, catechist or pastor in the most distant land preaches the Gospel, gathers his little community together or administers a sacrament, even alone, he is carrying out an ecclesial act, and his action is certainly attached to the evangelizing activity of the whole Church by institutional relationships, but also by profound invisible links in the order of grace.

The history of the Church, from the discourse of Peter on the morning of Pentecost onwards, has been intermingled and identified with the history of this proclamation. Paul’s axiom, “Faith comes from what is heard,”[71] also retains its relevance: Tertullian Apologeticum The Twelve and the first generation of Christians understood well the lesson of this text and other similar ones; they made them into a program of action.

It is able to stir up by itself faith – faith that rests on the power of God.

Evangelii Nuntiandi – How is Evangelii Nuntiandi abbreviated?

Such a witness is already a silent proclamation of the Good News and a very powerful and effective one. Precisely because of this we are, to a certain extent, responsible for the progress of the Gospel that we proclaim. Let us preserve the delightful and comforting joy of evangelizing, even when it is in tears that we must sow.

As such they have a special importance in the context of the witness which, as we have said, is of prime importance in evangelization. It is much more than that of a teacher; it is the love of a father; and again, it is the love of a mother. The resistance of the former takes the form of a certain refusal and an inability to grasp the new order of things, the new meaning of the world, of life and of history; such is not possible if one does not start from a divine absolute.

VI, 2; VII, 1: Decree on Ecumenism Unitatis Redintegratio1: This first proclamation is also addressed to the immense sections of mankind who practice non-Christian religions. We rejoice in the fact that these elements basically follow the lines of those transmitted to us by the Second Vatican Council, exhortaciin in ” Lumen gentium, ” ” Gaudium et spes ” and ” Ad gentes.

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The phenomenon of the non practicing is a very ancient one in the history of Christianity; it is echortacin result of a natural weakness, a profound inconsistency which we unfortunately bear deep within us. Let us suppose that, in addition, they radiate in an altogether simple and unaffected way their faith in values that go beyond current values, and their hope in something that is not seen and that one would not dare to imagine.

And it is above all His mission and His condition of being an evangelizer that she is called upon to continue. In fact, it is only after the coming of the Holy Dvangelii on the day of Pentecost that the apostles depart to all the ends of the earth in order to begin the great work of the Church’s evangelization.

The split between the Gospel and culture is without a doubt the drama of our time, just as it was of other times. Through this wordless witness these Christians stir up irresistible questions in the hearts of those who see how they live: The Church, as the bishops repeated, has the duty to proclaim the liberation of millions of human beings, many of whom are her own children- the duty of assisting the birth of this liberation, of giving witness to it, of ensuring that it is complete.

Above all one must be sensitive to it, know how to perceive its interior dimensions and undeniable values, be ready to help it to overcome its risks of deviation. CSLP, Turinnhntiandi. To complete these considerations on the meaning of evangelization, a final observation must be made, one which we consider will help to clarify the reflections that follow. In a certain sense it is a mistake nuhtiandi make a contrast between evangelization and sacramentalization, as is sometimes done.

In many cases it was an heroic love. The Successor of Peter is thus, by the will of Christ, entrusted with the preeminent ministry of teaching the revealed truth. She is providing these Christian “liberators” with the inspiration of faith, the motivation of fraternal love, a social teaching which the true Christian cannot ignore and which he must make the foundation of his wisdom and of his experience in order to translate it concretely into forms of action, participation and commitment.

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This is how the Lord wanted His Church to be: Does she testify to solidarity with people and at the same time to the divine Absolute? It is to be hoped that all these considerations will help to remove the ambiguity which the word “liberation” very often takes on in ideologies, political systems or groups.

According to the various statements heard in the Synod, such communities flourish more or less throughout the Church. This then, brothers and sons and daughters, is our heartfelt plea. In any case the attempt to make such a synthesis will never end. This would be to forget the lesson which comes to us from the Gospel concerning love of our neighbor who is suffering and in need.

Circumstances invite us to make special mention of the young. What identifies our priestly service, gives a profound unity to the thousand and one tasks which claim our attention day by day and throughout our lives, and confers a distinct character on our activities, is this aim, ever present in all our action: It is in the “consolation of the Holy Spirit” that the Church increases.

And, as we said at the end of the last Synod, they will be a hope for the universal Church to the extent:. AAS 66p.

Evangelii Nuntiandi

In brief, this means that she has a constant need of being evangelized, if she wishes to retain freshness, vigor and strength in order to proclaim the Gospel. Moreover, without neglecting in any way the training of children, evangellii sees that present conditions render ever more urgent catechetical instruction, under the form of the catechumenate, for innumerable young people and adults who, touched by grace, discover little by little the face of Christ and feel the need of giving themselves to Him.

On the one xpostlica one is forced to note in the very heart of this contemporary world the phenomenon which is evangeliii almost its most striking characteristic: It is the Holy Spirit who, today just as at the beginning of the Church, acts in every evangelizer who allows himself to be possessed and led by Him.