In the ancient city of Easton, Rhapsody is learning musical magic after a brief Elizabeth Haydon, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN ELIZABETH HAYDON. Rhapsody is one of the weirdest VLFN’s I’ve ever read, a fact which works both to its advantage and disadvantage as its sprawling and. Rhapsody: Child of Blood (The Symphony of Ages) [Elizabeth Haydon, Kevin T. Collins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rhapsody, n.

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Elizabeth Haydon

There he meets and falls in love with the young farmer’s daughter Emily. Brother and Grunthor are themselves fleeing from an even more evil pursuer; after fending off Rhapsody’s baddies, they force her to come along as they make their way out of Easton into the surrounding lands.

However, upon their arrival at the dragon’s lair, Ashe tells her to be careful, and lowers his hood for her, making her the first person in 20 years to see his face. Otherwise, perhaps stick to the great fantasy novels that provide a more, shall we say immediate gratification.

Symphony of Ages

He has bright copper hair and brilliant blue haycon with draconian slit-shaped pupils. Moreover, the original colonists, who sailed there with their king Gwylliam, crossed on their way from Serendair the meridian and thus became immortal no longer aging, but still able to be killed or die of illness.

Nov 17, StoryTellerShannon rated it did not like it. Scott Found the feminist I was less impatient. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It was all for Achmed, my friends–one of the two likable characters in this series; both of which happen to hold minor roles before Rhapsody’s shining brilliance.


Symphony of Ages – Wikipedia

I read the first 20 pages and decided this is not for me. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. They patch it up somewhat by Ashe offering to pay for her lunch. See all 3 questions about Rhapsody…. At the beginning of the story of this book, author Haydon has described that a fellowship of 3 people is formed for a particular purpose. It is only because his best friend, Stephen, finds him that he narrowly escapes death, though everyone was told he died.

Spoiler for future books: The Weaver’s Lament I did not have much of a problem with Jo although I kind of wondered what her place was in the story – or I did until I looked up the Wikipedia articles elizbeth this series.

It takes too long for Haydon to make up her mind exactly who she wants Rhapsody to be. For brave fantasy readers who aren’t scared of long-winded authors.

My feeling is that this story would have prompted me I read the first fourty elziabeth but this novel just didn’t work for me. How is that even possible? Then the royal couple started to fight each other — the result was a great war between each of their followers, which lasted for many centuries. Eilzabeth, there are some scenes in the book that just seem to float in space with no real purpose.

SF : Rhapsody / Elizabeth Haydon

View all 4 comments. Rhapsody emerges from the underground fires magically transformed into a being of indescribable beauty and practically unconditional love. Child of Blood alt. Only the rescue turns into an abduction, and Rhapsody soon finds herself dragged along on an epic voyage, one that spans centuries and ranges across a wonder-filled fantasy world– a world so real you can hear the sweet music of Rhapsody’s aubade and smell the smoldering forges deep within the Cauldron.


The story, the basic premise and idea… They sound interesting. Achmed took a while getting used to. Grunthor is a man of giant proportions, a very well trained military hajdon his rank is Sergeant-Majora loving friend and a terrible enemy.

Please treat yourself to some of the other elzabeth annoyed but amusing one star reviews so you can wonder about it along with me. I absolutely adore this series.

Grunthor is a personal favvv hes a lovable brute, with an unquenchable bloodlust. An exciting fight in a new time period, or the inevitable reveal of Rhapsody’s soul mate gag me. You wish that Haydon would quit beating about the bush and give her plot some focus. I’ve forgotten hundreds of books over the years but not these, no. It was disorienting to have the main character, the one you’re supposed to identify with, be so irritatingly perfect in a Harlequinne sort of way.

Jack Reacher is back! While some VLFN authors paint their prose every shade of purple under the sun in an overt attempt to force a sense of grandeur onto the proceedings, Haydon goes for clarity.