Luttwak’s become the unthinkable. And here he has succeeded magnificently. For peacemakers and warmakers alike”. — Harry G. Summers, Jr., New York. If Edward Luttwak does not always persuade, he always provokes. In this superb book, one that will become a classic of strategy, he does both. He may. Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace rev. and enlarged ed. by Edward N. Luttwak Cambridge, MA: The Belknap. Press of Harvard University Press,

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It leace appear between different lutrwak of war, when the right tactical decision may result in the worst operational outcome, as seen in the case of French soldiers who abandoned their positions in May to stop lutttwak limited German offensive, only to be taken aback by a full force attack.

Luttwak takes the examination of strategy to a level not seen since Clausewitz, and much more readable. Lists with This Book. Technological efficiency can be easily measured, helping decision makers pursue the most economical and effective weapons the ratio of input to output. Read Interesting book covering Grand strategy: Edward Nicolae Luttwak is a military strategist, political scientist, and historian who has published works on military strategy, history, and international relations.

As victory is turned into defeat by over-extension, as war brings peace by exhaustion, ordinary linear logic is overthrown. Nov 02, James Murphy rated it it was amazing. It is by far one of the best general introduction This book is essential for anyone interested in understanding warfare or conflicts. Victory is shown to contain the seeds of defeat and vice versa. Luttwak spends considerable time writing about the importance of persuasion and dissuasion through military power, the importance of harmony in the relation of vertical strategy military operations to horizontal diplomacy, propaganda, public opinion.

A bit too much technical detail of war and those sections should be skipped. In this work he writes a compelling plucky little book on a number of strategic concepts and the nature of strategy overall.

Thought Provoking 3 6. It can appear when a seemingly unreasonable decision results in the best potential outcome, as seen in Hannibal’s determination to march over the Alps, which proved incredibly costly, yet it surprised Romans, leaving them unable to use their ghe to their full potential.

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The greatest captains of military history, from Alexander the Great to Napoleon and beyond, were all defeated by less famous enemies, just as the brilliant Rommel was defeated by the infinitely mediocre Montgomery. The one thing that no theory can do is to prescribe what should be done, for that depends on values and goals.

Such definitions are laid out with precise examples in clearly divided chapters. In the preface, Luttwak explains: The Logic of War and Peace, is one of the most studied straetgy influential on the subject. As victory is turned into defeat by over-extension, as war brings peace by exhaustion, ordinary linear logic is overthrown. Readers may find that it explains the twists ad turns of history more persuasively and with fewer discrepancies than mere common sense, though of course the only real test of any theory is its ability to predict, given enough information.

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Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace – Edward N. Luttwak – Google Books

In the calculus of international relations, strategy and war are natural states. In spite of altruistic intentions they are unable to protect the weak waf often provide cover for insurgents. One of the paradoxes of war, he tells us, is that it creates peace by destroying the means necessary to engage in combat. As you advance into your success your resources are depleted and your strength dissipated while your enemy’s becomes more consolidated.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace

Refresh and try again. Department of Defense and for the U.

He is a game theorist in his own right, too, but with an understanding of the irrationality of the game. Thach Ton rated it did not like it Apr 07, Theory can only suggest how their decisions should be made: It’s Luttwak’s idea that strategy is being constantly practiced. Because conflict is inevitable, peace is merely a precursor to future engagements. Paradox arises because the enemy is a living, thinking, acting person, dedicated to fouling your plans and making your goals and tactics irrelevant.

This example of paradox is simply the first of many from a world history rich with conflict. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If strategy’s always present and actively practiced, however, he says not everyone understands its paradoxical nature.


Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace by Edward N. Luttwak

The greatest virtue of war is that, in destruction, it consumes the ability to continue it indefinitely Groom Xnd preview available – Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

It is a formidable work. Jun 07, Adam Halley rated it it was amazing. Strategy is an ever-present condition whenever there are relations between nations, whether friendly or hostile. This book is highly recommended.

It’s like borders, like the distinctions of languages, it always e I first encountered Luttwak many years ago through a book he wrote about the grand strategy of the Roman Empire. Put simply, policymakers understood the role of foreign policy as an extension of military power. Relationships between nations in which it’s absent would be an abnormal condition.

The long term message: To be sure, Luttwak thought about and engaged in the nuclear debates of the day. I leave the derivation of rules of conduct, practical schemes of action, and complete grand strategies to those who have powers of decision in a specific time and place. Open Preview See a Problem? Overall, Luttwak is a realist in his own right, despite his digs at Waltz and systemic realists. On p67, Luttwak overlaps with Schelling’s Arms and Influence, noting that nuclear weapons have removed optimism from war, so that balance doesn’t have to be experienced to be accepted, at least in terms of nuclear capabilities.

To Luttwak, conflict is inevitable. In the same chapter, Luttwak also touches upon two issues, which he described in a greater length in other articles, namely the argument against peacekeeping, and the idea of post-heroic warfare.

He edawrd chairman of the board of Aircraft Purchase Fleet Limited APFLan avia Edward Nicolae Luttwak is a military strategist, political scientist, and historian who has published works on military strategy, history, and international relations.