Desertion — Ch. 4 (Clifford D. Simak, ). It was not the Jupiter he had known through the televisor. He had expected it to be different, but not. Desertion — Ch. 1 (Clifford D. Simak, ). Four men, two by two, had gone into the howling maelstrom that was Jupiter and had not returned. Simak, C.D., , Desertion, in Rabkin, E.S. (ed) Science Fiction: A Historical Anthology Oxford University Press, New York –

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Although the quasi-military-scientific bits are fairly standard fare, Simak rises to the occasion with some excellent writing about the higher state which five other humans have clearly preferred before the previously dutiful administrator decides to go AWOL – and we get a talking dog to boot! Simak wrote the ninth and last tale in the City saga intwenty-two years after he wrote the previous episode.

When in loper form, Towser and Fowler exhibit equal mental capacity, stripping humanity of the uniqueness of reason. By using this site, simakk agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Gloria Campos skmak it really liked it May 26, Bob rated it really liked it Aug 22, Simak published a ninth City tale in called “Epilog”. Fowler compared his old life, and its limitations with his new form and ways of experiencing the planet. Allen stood waiting, quietly. On Jupiter, an experimental program is in place to transpose men into the bodies of Jovian native fauna in order to allow people to go out into the hostile environment.


I loved the whole idea of transforming humans to native lifeforms in order to better adapt to and live on other sjmak.

The fixup [1] novel describes a legend consisting of eight tales that the pastoral, pacifist Dogs recite as they pass down an oral legend of a creature known as Man. Janalee rated it it was amazing Feb 10, So far, the first four test subjects have gone out into the wilds of Jupiter – and have not returned. So far, the first four test subjects have gone out into the wilds of Jupiter – and have not returned.

Add to Your books. He then remembers the limitations of human life and form and changes his mind to return “some day”.

Desertion by Clifford D. Simak

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. The dogs intervene in nature and distribute food to wild animals, managing to end virtually all predation. Realizing that humanity cannot peacefully coexist with the Dogs and the other animals, Jenkins uses the knowledge to take his human charges to one of the other worlds. They know they need to change the human form in order to make living their plausible, their question is “did we get the form right”. But if I imagine it is another planet somewhere else I can suspend my disbelief for the story.

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Young People Read Old SFF | Desertion

Clifvord amoral Joe, tiring of the game, kicks over the anthill. Michael Hall rated it it was amazing Feb 17, To ask other readers questions about Desertionplease sign up.

By means of a kaleidoscope-like instrument, he can twist the minds of other people so they can perform the mind trick. Eventually, the ants form an industrial society in their hill. A mutant called Joe invents a way for ants to stay active year round in Wisconsin, so that they need not start over every spring. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow He knows a mind trick to allow people to broadcast meaning to others’ minds as they speak.

For this reason it is necessary to convert people into lopers, the only naturally living creatures on jupiter, in hopes that these people lopers can learn more about the planet. What will my younger readers make of it?

The frontier mentality of just sending explorer after explorer to what everyone assumes is a quick and fruitless death is pretty foreign these days. The ants ignore this setback and build bigger and more industrialized colonies. They are not to survey the planet, they are to see if humanity can survive on Jupiter.