The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV . metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO Metaal/Elektrotechnische indus- trie. 12). After decades of encouraging early retirement with generous conditions, one of . January to December , includes the following aspects concerning VUT (CAO (Stichting Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro ). This Collective Labor Agreement, hereafter referred to as ‘CAO’, goes into effect on July 1, , and ends on voor de Metalektro (PME)’ (industry wide Pension Fund for the Metal and Electro Technical. Engineering .. In and.

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To make these skills transparent, a so-called flexibility matrix has been developed: No clauses have been included about outplacement activities. Disruptions in the production process are also dealt with by the team. This threshold is in line with the Dutch Law on Minimum Wage, but is heavily questioned by in particular union youth groups.

Bosch Rexroth, the Netherlands: Towards a balanced flexibility

Recent wage situation in the metal industry Based on WageIndicator data, Table 14 next page shows a mean gross hourly wage of Euro In these crisis years, union negotiators have invested quite some time and energy in stimulating companies to participate in this scheme, also as they had to include training facilities.

Moreover, as indicated, the CAO at large includes a separate additional CAO laying down the system of working conditions. However, not all jobs and tasks are suitable for this policy. Bosch Rexroth has initiated other solutions to deal with seasonal fluctuations in demand: To deal with fluctuations in demand, the company has organised its production process in autonomous teams, broadening the skills of the workforce to increase their availability.


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They also want a good CAO with a decent wage increase and measures to keep their jobs until they go on pension. The latest basic agreement for has a duration of 26 months.

Preliminary work and supporting tasks are largely carried out by the team members themselves. The union negotiators paid officials that are responsible for the main CAO are also involved in negotiating these arrangements, jointly with some colleagues also paid officials with more specific regional and company metaoektro.

This agreement has not been included in our Tables. The Bosch employee poll is conducted every two years and focuses on the impact of company policy on all organisational aspects.

Metaletkro Brabant metal workers from various companies have been fighting for better working conditions for months. Neij Naar groter eenheid. Simultaneously, it offers employees sufficient compensation for their flexibility, more variation in their tasks due to increased availabilitymore responsibility as a result of working in autonomous teams and tools to manage their flexibility the time-registration system.

Selection Netherlands, metal industry.

Bosch Rexroth is a manufacturer of drive and control technology systems such as hydraulics and electromechanical equipment. For example, the trade unions want a 3.

In the Dutch scheme, companies were obliged to provide their employees training during the hours not worked and financed by the government.

ASML employees to go on strike – Eindhoven News

Central are measures to retain workers and have them reaching the pension age in a healthy way. According to the WageIndicator survey, one in five employees in the metal industry in reported that their workplace was affected by a reorganisation in the past 12 months, the males double that much as the females.


Clearly, this activity is still in its infancy. As Table 1 showed, the duration of the agreement varies from 15 months into three years between — and Log In Sign Up. Vigyazat, a szegecsfeju gyokergomba a faiskolabol fertoz. In line with this arrangement, the basis for shortening working hours arbeidstijdverkorting, ATV changed from days per metalektroo to hours per year.

Cao metalektro grootmetaal salaris verhogingen, uitkeringen.

Leave this field blank. Only to a limited extent the unions succeeded in giving this clauses a compulsory character through promoting them to an A-status, as has been the case with the issue of employment guarantees.

There are two major exceptions in the industry: Skip to main content. Some of our reseearchch programmes are: Bosch Rexroth follows the CAO Metalektro, the collective labour agreement for the metalworking industry.

Bosch Rexroth, the Netherlands: Towards a balanced flexibility | Eurofound

Tell us what you think. On behalf of metalektri employees in the industry under the national part-time unemployment scheme that was in place between April and June Tijdens et al,a project was started up in involving career coaches as to provide information about training opportunities.

Since they are set at 38 hours per week. About Case study name: Inthe average age of the workforce was They also emphasized that in quite some cases they had to take the initiative and guide employers to the government scheme.