Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. He uses figures of speech to paint pictures for us, to emphasize His points, etc. Bullinger is THE authority on the figures of speech used in the Bible and this is. Over the years few titles have been more requested than Bullinger’s “Figures of Speech.” This classic reference work will help you get a complete understanding .

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Where the sense originally intended is preserved, though the words may vary Matt.

Bullinger’s book is basically the most outstanding collection of knowledge about Fig. Of one word, where bibe Greek receives its real meaning by permutation from another language Gen.


Ox’-y-mor-on ; or Wise-Folly 1Tim. There is much figurative language in the Bible, and this book helps to sift through all of that. Par-a-bol-a ; or, Parable i. Repetitio ; or, Repetition 2Chronicles Of nouns numberadjectives, and pronouns Fugures. Mei-o’-sis ; or a Belittleing Gen. Mi-me-sis ; or, Description of Sayings Ex. When the species is put for the genus, or particulars for universals Gen.

Repetition of the same word or words irregularly in the same passage. Ap-o-si-opes’-is ; or, Sudden Silence It may be associated with: When the lines are placed alternately Gen.

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Affecting the meaning and usage of words 2. Bullinger is not trying uswd justify how he felt the Word should be interpreted. Such questions may be asked 1 in positive affirmation, 2 in negative affirmation, 3 in afffirmative negation, 4 in demonstration, 5 in wonder and admiration, 6 in rapture, 7 in wishes, 8 in refusals and denials, 9 in doubts, 10 in admonition, 11in expostulation, 12 in prohibition or dissuasion, 13 in pity and commiseration, 14 in disparagement, 15 in reproaches, usev in lamentation, 17 in indignation, 18 in absurdities and impossibilities, 19 double figues.

Association ; or, Inclusion Acts Some people teach that Fig. A correction setting right both hearer and speaker. This is a scholarly work about the language.

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Baker Books April 1, Language: An’-a-mne’-sis ; or, Recalling Romans 9: Sym’-per-as’-ma ; or, Concluding Summary Matt. Where the omitted word is to be supplied from a related or contrary word Gen. God inspired a perfect Psalm Calling on others to rejioce over something. Syne-zeugmenon, or, Joint yoke Ex. Vaden This aspect of Bible study lf been a favorite since when I was bibls to the importance.

Simple synonymousor gradational. The repetition of the sense without the repetition of the word.

Ant-eis’-a-go-ge ; or, Counter Question Matt. His research and writing stem from his familiarity with the ancient texts – both secular and sacred – and he’s fluent in Hebrew, a couple varieties of Greek, and Latin Figurative words used with skill and precision are even more effective and versatile, because a paragraph may absorb a half dozen figures, whereas a camera typically has one lens attached.

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Figures of speech used in the Bible:

The scope of this work covers both the Old and New Testament and provides plentiful examples, often employing Hebrew and Greek. I offer a few comments to clarify the nature of Fig.

Anger and threatening Gen. Home Contact Figurse Other Pages.

Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Figure of Speech

Expression of feeling by way of malediction figurrs execration. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, 3. Pro’-ther-a-pei’-a ; or, Conciliation Matt. Idiomatic degrees of comparison Luke The repetition of divers negatives. Some will find it intimidating because it is not for leisurely reading, but true searchers for truth will treasure it.

Am’-phi-di-or-tho’-sis ; or, Double Correction 1Cor. Syl-leps’-is 1 ; or, Combination 2Chronicles Ep-a-dip’-lo-sis ; or, Double Encircling Ps. This work is narrowly focused. A return to previous words or subjects for purposes of definition or explanation. The Bible is an eastern book.