This is the Instruction manual for the Argos Product Braun Series 7 cc-4 Electric Shaver (/) in PDF format. Product support is also available. Series 7. cc intensive sensitive Type Modèle Modelo Read all instructions before using this appliance. Series 7. cc-4 trimmer. Series 7. Type Modèle Modelo Read all instructions before using this appliance.

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Braun EE user manual. The hair might be rough and all over the place, but this shaver refuses to tug and cause irritation.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Shaver User Manual

As you can imagine, it is an important part of the day for most. It continues to chug along without trouble as long as it is charged. Braun Electric Shaver CC-4 user manual. The Braun Series 7 cc electric shaver is the most popular and one of the best electric shavers in the market. It is ergonomically designed to make shaving an easier experience for men. Braun Series 5 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


The clean and Renew system requires the usage of cleaning cartridges. It is used to clean the cutting head manually. The only confusion that can be when you want to buy one is manuao the best model from this series so we did the research and posted a complete comparison between each model. Braun ShaverFoil ShaverReviews. Braun S user manual.

Braun Series 7 790CC Review – You would like to buy it twice

A flexible shaving head can follow the contours of your face. Braun Cruzer4 user manual. The beautiful blend of black and gray is aesthetically pleasing and shows their attention to detail. So, we never have to worry about if it has enough charge to complete a shave.

You will insert it into the cleaning dock. Braun Cruzer Z60 user manual.

The two outer cutting elements are known as OptiFoil. The manual reset can be done at any time. Parts List Series 7 Series 7 Bgaun This is a simple setup that should take long to get into place once it is time to shave. There are two OptiFoils in the shaver.

Braun Series 7 CC Review – You would like to buy it twice

Or that grow in different patterns, which is hard to cut. Personalizing Shaver normal normal Battery segments: Most people will understand an electric shaver is not just about the 790c experience.


Braun Fusion B 55 user manual. It built 10, Micro vibrations per minute to capture more hair with every stroke.

The Braun s is their lower model. This means a person can shave in the shower with their Braun Series 7 seriea Braun EverSmooth user manual. Active lift technology allows flat lying hairs to be lifted and cut with triple action cutting system. We believe every illustration should be on the same page as any instruction it references.

Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 cc-4 User Guide |

It comes in the standard Braun packaging with a modernistic use of black and blue. It sizes beard accurately what you want. Pin It on Pinterest. Braun Fusion B 35 user manual. Braun SilkFinish FG