Baba Faqir Chand, (18 November – 11 September ) was an Indian master of Surat Shabd Yoga, or consciously controlled near death experience. Manavta Mandir. Foundation of Manavta Mandir. Prior to the foundation of Manavta Mandir, his Holiness Param Dayalji Maharaj used to give Satsang at the . After meeting personally with Baba Faqir Chand, it became exceedingly apparent to myself and Professor Mark Juergensmeyer (who visited Manavta Mandir in.

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Autobiography of Baba Faqit Chand – Baba Faqir Chand

Scientific research has proved that even the movement of our little finger can produce vibrations in the space, which rise up to the stars and return to the place of their origin. I had submitted an application for leave some time ago. You do not worship God, but your own little ego.

I babw over to him and left for Lahore the same day. Gopal Kishan failed to provide. I told him about that man and stressed that faqor is not a dacoit and so I want that he should be set free. But, my four sins continued to disturb me, chabd many a time I felt restless. I have known the power of thought and I believe in the philosophy of thought. Mother heard him and came running.


While he was sitting in meditation in the temple Tiruvottiyur he felt distracted and longed intensely for the presence and guidance of the Bhagavan. He put both his hands on his mouth and nose, and out of hatred for the undesirable dish, he threw two babba in my plate from a distance.

I realize that my skepticism will turn off a number of parapsychology buffs, but in light of Occam’s Razor I see no overwhelming evidence to suggest that Faqir Chand’s autobiographical admissions are not right on the mark.

Kamal has translated and annotated almost all English books of Param Dayal Ji which helped introduce his most rational thoughts on Surat Shabd Yoga to international community.

Our soldiers Indian army laid down wires in the trenches and occupied their chanr. But most so called masters easily get trapped into tasting the sweetness of power. Dawn Horse Press,page Conversation was recorded at Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.

I daily receive a heavy mail regarding such instances. By Param Dayal Ji Maharaj had cband to feel convinced that he had very sincerely and honestly fulfilled the promise given to his Satguru. Satyamev Jayate-Truth Always wins, 9.

The True Religion Humanity: What good now, in running away from her. The duties as I understand them are as: Faqir’s Ashram went bankrupt short after baa revealed this truth. In moments I lost consciousness of all around. A thought reality is thus created and amplified in a collective field of meditation.

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To concentrate one’s mind he recommended repeating a holy name or mantra, meditating on any holy form. Since there was shortage of buildings at that time, the library was housed in one room. Publication of Manav Mandir a periodical.

The advice of the S. After the passing away of Data Dayal, Baba Faqir started giving Satsang and just as his teacher had predicted he attained the highest state of realization. A Broadcast on Reality.

She would stitch the old ones and continue to wear them. Fault is not with the generation, but with the generators. Now, if anything faqig in the life of the disciple that requires the personal attention of the Master, here in India in the Body–this Inner Master at once reports to the Conscious Master in India and the Conscious Master gives the thing his personal attention.

This insightful interview was included in Faqir’s autobiography.