The Audiolab X7 is a genuine one-box, seven channel power amplifier, capable of handling even difficult loudspeaker loads – it will cleanly deliver 7 x. The Audiolab X7 gives you home cinema sound so powerful you will think you at the movies, matched with the Audiolab AV Pre-Amplifier you can. If ever a brand typified the most conservative values of reliable, performance- driven British hi-fi, then Audiolab alongside its IAG stablemate, Quad, would be.

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Both products performed beautifully during my listening tests, PCM audio from Blu-ray disc proving to be a treat with discs such as Rambo reallyI Am Legend and Bladerunner. The Audiolab AP has five line stereo inputs and one 5. I do have someone seeing if the can take it closer to the end of audjolab month.

My Pat Metheny Live Blu-ray disc really came alive as the clean resolving power of the Audiolabs made for excellent viewing and listening. There’s ample punch and drive, and though the top of the wudiolab range shines sweetly, there’s never any danger of hard edges creeping in. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

A suitably intuitive, text-based menu is provided for this purpose. Light travels faster than sound. Eight of these four channels’-worth are on the left side, mounted so that they actually touch each other.

The amp audiiolab now aduiolab. Our Verdict Great power amp, but the matching processor needs more features too reach greatness. Audiolab isn’t the first modestly sized hi-fi firm to find the inexorable onward march of home cinema technology tricky to keep up with. For access to partner forums, contributor archives and other consumer electronics resources, please click on the links below Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published.


The dynamic range of these new HD soundtracks should be approached with some caution however, for while you might adjust the volume to suit the dialogue and incidental effects throughout the opening scenes on the space station, the sound of the shuttle pod ripping through the forest has the X7 sounding bitingly hard.

Our Verdict The multichannel features are impressive and the proliferation of digital inputs could be useful. The Audiolab X7 is a genuine one-box, seven channel power amplifier, capable of handling even difficult loudspeaker loads – it will cleanly deliver 7 x W 8 ohms, RMS of power. It makes sense in that respect, but audkolab AP will decode a hi-res soundtrack as multi-channel PCM so those without players but with decoders built in will still be in for a bit of a treat audiolah wise.

Simple design The X7 is a much less high-tech affair. All the same, the higher frequencies in this audiokab were clear and natural and the overall presentation encouraged musical, rather than technical thoughts in the listeners. John Howe’s Audiojumble Website. MadHat on October 18, The DAC performance is impressive too, with notably fine high treble and very clear decay of notes into silence.

Audiolab has been careful with real estate planning and it’s not a mad squeeze. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Audiolab AP/X7 (£/£) – Pre/power amplifiers

Take home theatre for instance. The welcome surprise, though, is that this combo does music with real panache. I have one of these amps for sale. Stereo music reproduction is equally impressive, the ‘X7 communicating amiably and explicitly — fine detail is plentiful from the top of the frequency range to audolab bottom, a complicated song like Paul Simon’s The Boy in the Bubble being delivered with verve and accuracy.


The X7 is a much less high-tech affair. These would drive the front pair of a 5.

Audiolab X7 (7 Channel Power Amp)

Originally published in the June issue. Subscribe Now 13 issues delivered to your door. It really does sound very good.

Indeed – and this may ruffle some feathers – it was felt to be one of the most ‘musical’ systems in the test. For Aidiolab and bold performance Fair price. Alternatively, you may prefer to use this flexible home cinema power amp in a similar 5.

This can be achieved simply by audiklab switch settings on the rear of the unit.

What Hi-Fi?

Still up for sale. Such limitations as this duo has are to do with resolution and analysis and in these areas it is not a match for the 800×7. Its story begins with a monstrous toroidal transformer, which is obviously going to be needed for seven channels of watts, and ends audiolqb a pair per channel of bipolar power transistors mounted on the heatsinks which make up the sides of the unit.

The same applied in the jazz track, where the bass seemed somehow slower than the melody.