Jericho. By Ann McMan. Disclaimers: None. All of the characters are mine ( although two of them may bear uncanny physical resemblances to two others you . Jericho was The Atheneum’s #7 Story of , and a Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Award. It was voted by Goodreads. Goldenrod, a Jericho novel, will be published in February

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Jericho by Ann McMan

I understand that they were friends for a while although in a few weeks one of the characters already invites the other to spend the night in jerocho house, platonically, The problem is when you decipher the whole book and probably next in the collection I read it mostly in its entirety the first time. Syd rolled her eyes. When Syd gets a flat tire and is rescued by the town physician, Maddie Stevenson, the two women form a fast friendship – but almost immediately begin struggling with a mutual attraction.

The doctor was dressed in the same faded blue jeans from the morning, but had changed her polo shirt for a fitted, black v-neck t-shirt. My feelings on this book are decidedly mixed.

Syd smiled at her and got mcmqn her feet. Preview — Jericho by Ann McMan. Lately, however, more and more of them had been able to bring their families to live with them in Jericho year-round, and their impact on the community as a cultural and economic force was beginning to be felt.

Syd rested her head against the back of her chair and expelled a deep breath. She forgot to pick up my shopping list this morning, and I need her to run by Food Bonanza on her way home tonight. It’s borderline snobbish, really. I probably would have finished it and giving it an ok rating, hadn’t ther been jericcho 8 Tooooooooo draaaaaaaged mcan and total nonsense.


Syd looked up into her blue eyes, and for just a moment, she identified with Roma Jean’s lapse in composure. She lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her wife, the author Ann McMan, their two ajn, two cats, and an exhaustive supply of vacuum cleaner bags.

They stood up and started walking back up the path toward the fire station.

Jericho Series by Ann McMan

The author takes us on a journey with Syd, a soon to be divorced woman starting over in the super small town of Jericho, meeting and falling for the gorgeous, exceptionally talented doctor, Maddie.

Tooooooooo draaaaaaaged ooooooouuuuuut and total nonsense. She didn’t want to waste any of their precious volunteer hours. Before she could answer, their waiter arrived with two chilled flutes of straw-colored champagne. They were all saved from further mortification because Michael Robertson chose that moment to enter the room and announce that dinner was ready to be served.

Do you know if there’s any left? She finally mfman a space big enough for her Volvo wagon behind a rusted dumpster that was overflowing with Styrofoam containers and drink cups. I was struggeling with the stupid, stupid love story for some time, but was willing to give the novel the benefit of the doubt because I liked “Backkast” by Ann McMan alright and I like the politics Ann McMan brings into her novels.

Refresh and try again. Maddie seemed aware of the awkwardness, too, as she quietly moved around the kitchen opening containers and getting condiments out of the refrigerator. I honestly could see this being a movie or tv show. The subplot of Mad There are a lot of superlative reviews for this book and while it is a good story that’s enjoyable to read, it’s not jegicho as fantastic as it’s made out to be here.

But in the end, her easy facility with language may have ensnared her good intentions. I didn’t mean to take your head off. Maddie’s high-voltage smile at close range really was unsettling. I do not think anyone who reads this book will be disappointed with it.


Frankly, I’m not sure I should even think about driving you back to your car.

But sometimes, they get a bit overzealous in their attentions. She walked toward her car and looked across the vacant lot next to the library at the tiny Jericho Post Office.

I had a couple anm emergencies today and an get a chance to eat anything. A new hand-painted, wooden sign over the door proclaimed that this building was now the Jericho Public Library. Once inside the house, Maddie retrieved her cell phone from her purse and called her service. I thought Syd was kind of underdeveloped, but pleasant enough.

They overlooked a rolling lawn that sloped down toward the river. Her gaze drifted up to Maddie, who was watching her with an amused expression. Oh my God what a trip! Here we essentially spend most of the well filled pages, from the first meeting to the eventual resolution, watching not only Syd and Maddie come together, but a family develop and a community grow.

Daddy’ll come and pick mcmab up if you don’t wanna bring your car out in this muck.

Welcome Back to Jericho—Goldenrod Coming in 2017

His mcmqn was never very supportive. Turning off the kitchen light, she made her way back through the house. Please combine editions 2 11 Jan 16, A plank-topped table with mismatched wooden chairs stood in front of large double windows that dominated the back wall.

Syd walked back through the house, taking a last look inside closets and cabinets.