Akta Arkib Negara (Akta ) by Malaysia., , International Law Book Services, Pengedar tunggal, Golden Books Centre edition, in English. All are available from the Arkib. Negara Malaysia. These guidelines should also be used in conjunction with Electronic Records and the Akta. Arkib Negara . the Akta Arkib Negara (available from the Arkib Negara Malaysia). This publication supports the implementation of the Akta Arkib Negara and the.

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However, this approach has disadvantages for the preservation of long-term records.

Authority for deletion of record content and structure exists. The management of electronic records is not a problem that needs to be solved. Information Management Advice 18 – Managing records in business systems: Offline Offline electronic records are contained on a system or storage device that is not directly accessible through the public office s network and which requires human Copyright Arkib Negara Malaysia Page 18 of Records identified for continuing retention are likely to be those which: Examples include History of Use when the record was last viewed, whether it was accessed illegallyLocation and Disposal status.

A representation of the source and time of the transaction which generated a record is maintained. Copyright Arkib Negara Malaysia Page 14 of Provide for the preservation of metadata for as long as it is required.

Page 1 of 12 Date of Issue: Business Continuity page 5 3. This defines the point at which the information formally becomes a record, fixes it in its context and enables its appropriate management over time. Outsourcing and Third Party Access More information. Device failure is only detected when an attempt is made to use the records.


Organizations depend on information to More information. Online Online records can be contained on a range of storage devices e.

The dependency on technology that changes through time. Electronic records that must be retained for the long term will require active management to ensure their continued accessibility.

The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. April 20, Intent and Purpose: Recordkeeping metadata is structured or semi-structured information that enables the creation, registration, classification, access, preservation and disposal of records through time and across domains. Copyright Arkib Negara Malaysia Page 17 of Processes and practices are fragmented or non-existent.

Assign roles and responsibilities for capturing and managing metadata.

Portal Rasmi Arkib Negara Malaysia

This can result in the electronic records contained on offline media becoming inaccessible. Protect the interests of the organization and the rights of employees, clients and present and future stakeholders. June Original Date of Issue: Policies, guidelines and procedures for the storage of electronic records should be an integral component of a public office s recordkeeping framework.

Electronic records are susceptible to loss and destruction because of: Records are an integral part of business processes and must be managed and retained for as long as they are needed to support the functions of the government and to provide evidence of decisions and activities see Figure 2.


How long an electronic record needs to be kept will influence its management. The name field is required.

Akta Arkib Negara (Akta ) | Open Library

Where it is not possible for electronic records to be maintained online, agencies are encouraged to use near-line storage devices, such as CD jukeboxes and magnetic tape silos. Records and Information Management Policy No: Support and document policy formation and managerial decision-making. Redistributions of documents, nnegara parts of documents, must arkkb the SWGIT cover page containing the disclaimer.

They contain the content, structure and context generated by the transaction they document. Linked Data More info about Linked Data.

Akta Arkib Negara 2003 (Akta 629) = National Archives Act 2003 (Act 629).

Copyright Arkib Negara Malaysia Page 19 of Documents that initiate, deliberate, authorize or complete business transactions. Assess and manage risks to digital. Information Security page 3 2. Communications in the conduct of business between two people, between a person and a store of information available to others, and between a source of information and a person, generate a record.