Acura MDX – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 8 Nov, by Ianryan. Model: Acura MDX. File size: MB. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Acura MDX Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Acura MDX automobile. Acura MDX Owners Manuals ยท Acura MDX Owners Manuals.

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This means they have two threshold airbags.

Operation is subject to the battery disposal. AcuraLink Message Options Unread messages have a closed envelope icon next to them.

Don’t let the price fool you. The display will change as shown above.

Owner’s Manual & Warranty | Acura MDX | Acura Owners Site

If you encounter a problem that your Playing the XM Satellite Radio Models with navigation system 22008 XM satellites are in orbit over the equator; therefore, objects south Signal may be blocked by Signal weaker in of the vehicle may cause satellite mountains or large obstacles to these areas.

Instrument Panel Indicators Instrument Panel Indicators Seat Belt Reminder The instrument panel has many If either of you do not fasten your Indicator indicators to give you important seat belt while driving, the beeper information about your vehicle.

For the rear entertainment system, see page 3-inch 8-cm CD Triangle Shape Audio unit may not play the Fingerprints, scratches, etc. Press and release the Talk button. Buying Format see all.

Driving This section gives you tips on Driving Amnual If your vehicle speed speed in any of these ways: To change how long the lights stay on before they go off, follow these instructions: Page Interior Lights Cargo Area Light Tailgate Lights Individual Interior Lights The lights in the tailgate have an on- The courtesy lights in all four doors off switch to control if the lights come on when you open any door.

When comfort mode is selected, the When sport mode is selected, the green indicator hser the button comes green indicator in the button goes off, The wheel nut wrench mfx with Remove the bracket from the your vehicle is specially adapted to f it spare tire. Mirrors Aucra the Power Mirrors Push the appropriate edge of the adjustment switch to move the mirror right, left, up, or down. Playing the Mrx Satellite Radio Models with navigation system Use the tune or scan function to Press the acurq or scroll tune to a desired channel.

You can keep the glove have to get a lost key replaced. Seat Belt Maintenance Acura provides a limited warranty on seat belts. It varies based on driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle condition.


Rear Entertainment System To Play a Disc in the 6-Disc While the overhead screen is closed, To change the disc currently playing, Changer from the Rear Control you can see the XM radio use theor information in the subsidiary display Panel button to highlight your in the ceiling.

Check the gross vehicle weight. When you remove the headphones, uer earpieces automatically pivot inward, and the headphones turn off. Page Active Damper System Active Damper System Indicator If there is a problem with the active damper system, the mabual damper system shuts down and the active damper system indicator on the instrument panel comes on. Towing a Trailer Driving on Hills Handling Crosswinds and Buffeting Retrieving a Boat When climbing hills, closely watch Crosswinds and air turbulence If the vehicles tires slip when your temperature gauge.

Additional Information About Your Airbags How the Passenger Airbag Off Be aware that objects placed on the If the iser comes on with no Indicator Works front seat can cause the indicator to front seat passenger and no objects come on. Use the seek buttons while a disc is continuously replay a track file in playing to select passages and To move rapidly within a track or file, MP3 or WMA modepress and change tracks files in MP3 or WMA press and hold the Using lower come out the tailpipe.

Your selection of a Acura MDX was a wise investment. Do not tow at an angle. Fuses If you cannot drive the vehicle BLOWN without fixing the problem, and you do not have a spare fuse, take a fuse of the same rating or a lower rating from one of the other circuits.

Message categories can be added, revised, or deleted through manuzl messages from Acura.

Page Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor For example, if you check and fill Although your tire pressure is your tires in a warm area, then drive monitored, you must manually check in extremely cold weather, the tire the tire pressures monthly. Page Rear Entertainment Use Parental Level You can place an auditory restriction by acra the parental control level.

This indicator comes on when you will sound and the indicator will flash turn the ignition switch to the ON again at regular intervals, and you Page Climate Control System When you set the temperature to its passengers according to each Rear Button lower limit or its upper limit adjusted temperature.

Your Vehicle’s Safety Features Raising your vehicle use a non- Acura suspension kit can affect the handling and stability. Not all cell phones accura compatible with this system. Automatic Transmission Sequential SportShift Mode When you accelerate away from a stop, the transmission starts in first gear.


Moonroof, Parking Brake Adura Reverse Parking Brake You can open and close the If the moonroof runs into any moonroof for up to 10 minutes after obstacle while it is manuual you turn off the ignition switch.

Page Parking Parking Tips Always use the parking brake when Never park over dry leaves, tall you park your vehicle. Page Towing a Trailer Pre-Tow Checklist Driving Safely With a Trailer The lights and brakes on your When preparing to tow, and before vehicle and the trailer are working The added weight, length, and driving away, be sure to check the properly.

To get your Interference can be caused by any of approved by the party responsible for radio I.

Engine Coolant The coolant level should be up to the base of the filler neck. The transmission number is on a label on top of the transmission. Page Rear Entertainment System Select the quality you want to adjust If you want to set the display to the The display changes as shown above.

The Items Display remaining engine oil life reset Your dealer will reset the display mode will be shown on the multi- after completing the achra information display. Playing Discs Models without navigation system Text Data Display Function If the text data has more than 16 When you insert a disc, and the Each time you press the DISP button, characters, janual will see the first 15 system begins to play.

Airbags Your Vehicle sSafety Features Airbags Your vehicle has a supplemental Your vehicle also has side airbags to In addition, your vehicle has side restraint system SRS with front help protect the upper torso of the curtain 20088 to help protect the airbags to help protect the heads and driver or a front 2008 passenger heads of the driver, front passenger, Cover is secured by holding clips.

2008 Acura MDX – Owner’s Manual (489 pages)

The higher the level number, the lower the restriction. Jump Starting If the booster battery is in another vehicle, have an assistant start that vehicle and run it at a fast manula. Skip to main content. Instrument Panel Brightness To reduce glare at night, the instrument panel illumination dims when you turn the light switch to. There may not be any